• Spencer McDonald

2326 Summit Avenue - Everett, WA

Located near Garfield Park and I-5 in North Everett. This old home with charm and character offered a main floor, basement, and top floor. The bones of the home seemed solid and I just felt like it needed some loving tender care.

The challenge began immediately. Parked permanently in the driveway was an old abandoned RV. This RV obstructed a straight on front shot of the home... so time to be creative.

Prior to snapping the shutter I had to remove debris from the front porch, large plywood propped up against the home, and extensive orange extension cords extruding out of that RV. A little decluttering goes a long way.

After cleaning up a bit I was able to capture an angle shot that seemed to work great. The best part was the RV was not in shot. Out of sight and out of mind. Like it was never there. You can see it in the video.

Great... so I captured the front and the back, then knocked on the door to go inside. Knock. Knock. Knock. No one home. That was the end of the photoshoot for this day.

I came back a week later to finish up. The owner was there and cleaning up the inside lickity split. What a nice lady.

"Can you turn on all the lights?" the owners reply... "Sorry there is no electricity." Oh man! Rather than alert the homeowner to the challenges I just said, "Not a problem" and went to work.

I worked my way through the photoshoot one room at a time. Each room moving boxes, cleaning supplies, and storage tubs out of the way to give the home a more uncluttered look. Check out the video to see how I uncluttered each room, minus the basement, for better real estate photos.

When you choose to use my real estate photography services I will go that extra mile for you and your listing. I want it to look great. I want you to look great. And I want potential buyers seeing the photos online to stay long enough to possibly make that call to see the home.

Please enjoy this home good bones, great charm, a history to recall, and all done without lights!

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